Services are available at the new Texa-Tonka shopping center within Roots Chiropractic or via Telehealth.
Physical therapy services are available for MN residents only.

Physical Therapy Session
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Evaluation and Treatment (60 min) $125

Follow-up (40 min) $110


Evaluation and Treatment (45 min) $100

Follow-up (30 min) $65



Join Dr. Sarah virtually each month for a live evidence informed class to provide you the tools to have an empowered birth from your third trimester to early postpartum.

​Topics include:

  • Third trimester exercises to prepare your muscles and joints to have optimal mobility and flexibility for labor

  • How to reduce perineal tearing

  • Labor and delivery positions

  • Early postpartum recovery including pelvic floor and core exercises

  • Self screen for diastasis recti

  • Timeline to return to exercise and general activity

Registration information:

  • Most participants take the class in their 3rd trimester to implement the tools starting around week 35.

  • Class size is limited to 5 pregnant people + birthing partner

  • 90 minutes virtually (live)

  • Cost: $49




Full Circle Physical Therapy and Wellness is a fee-for-service model.

This allows you to:

  • Have more control on how often you are seen for physical therapy 

  • Know the actual cost of your services upfront

  • Schedule flexible appointment lengths to fit your needs

  • Not be limited by insurance companies

  • More effectively manage your overall costs


Full Circle Physical Therapy and Wellness is out-of-network with all insurance companies. A superbill (itemized list of services) for physical therapy treatments can be provided upon request for Minnesota residents to submit to out-of-network benefits.

Payment methods: HSA/FSA, credit card, cash, checks.